Comprensorio sciistico del Monterosa

Monterosa Ski is an Italian ski resort, which links three valleys: Valsesia, Valle del Lys, Val d'Ayas. located largely in the Aosta Valley and the remainder in Piedmont. Much of the area consists of easy and intermediate skiing, but the area around the Passo dei Salati is a major destination for freeride skiers and snow-boarders.

There are approximately 180 km of ski slopes (almost all equipped with snow-making), from the most simple to the more technical (19 blue runs, 41 red runs and 6 black runs, including, in Gressoney-Saint-Jean, the most difficult of the whole Aosta Valley), and 38 lifts that start at a minimum altitude of 1212 m above sea level (Alagna) and reach up to 3275 m s.l.m. at Indren Peak.


The overall uplift capacity of the lift system is about 50,000 people per hour. The Valsesia part of the district is known for its many off-piste skiing and ski mountaineering.

Gressoney is one of the most coveted freeriding destinations and is well-known in both Italy and abroad as a real free-ski paradise.  The complex offers infinite possibilities:  from runs through the Punta Jolanda and Weissmatten forests to those which are higher from the Salati Pass to the 3,275 metres altitude of the Indren Glacier. These can be reached comfortably using the Salati-Indren Pass cable car with a view of the Monte Rosa summit.



Our numbers:

  • 180 km of ski slopes
  • longest run 5.5 km 
  • 38 lifts
  • 50.000 people per hour
  • Top elevation 3275 m s.l.m 
  • Base elevation 1212 m s.l.m.

For more information: Visit Monterosa website